Monday, January 25, 2010

Guys and Girls

I recently bought an iGod. It's awesome. It does everything I could imagine a gadget could ever do.

It has a 3 billion mGhz processor, a terabyte of flash memory for storage, it has 2 gigs of V-ram. It has absolutely everything anyone could want, and it fits your hand like an i-Pod touch. It even sucks your cock when you ask it to.

Oddly enough, the first thing I did when I got it home and charged it up was take the whole thing apart.

I'm just one of those gadgety-guys, iGuess. I have to say, I loved every component of it. So I sat there, curiously satisfied, with this thing in front of me. And I loved it.

For a few months.

Then I had to question my love for this gadget. I needed to take it apart again. See if I could take it all apart and put it back together without losing any parts.

Sure enough. But I also had to see what else I could do. I'm getting good at this after all.

What happens if I touch this? Ouch! That smarts!! Maybe I should use a pencil eraser or some kind of insulator . . . .

So I pushed a bigger HDD into it. Yeah, I have to admit that my iGod runs a little hotter than it should. But it's working!!

Two more months pass. I love my iGod. It does exactly what I want it to do. I have no complaints. It's a wonderful piece of technology. As far as gadgets go, this is MyGod.

But I can't help but wonder . . . can my iGod do X?

Does it, can it, can I make it find me a cheap place to stay in Grand Forks?

Holy Shit! If I push things around, sure enough. It can. I love my iGod!!!!

Uhh-ohh. I was tinkering around with upgrading my iGod and messing with stuff. Now it doesn't work any more.

Guess I need a new one.

Sometimes I think this is how women deal with relationships: the same way guys deal with gadgets.

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