Saturday, July 04, 2009

Everyone Else Is Doing It. Why Can't I?

Aside from the obvious Cranberries reference (and if you don't know who they are, don't talk to me), I am going to try and care about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.


I don't care about either of them. People are trying to tell me that Mike defined my generation. And Farrah defined hotness. Or something.

Am I the only person who just barely made being born before the 80s who doesn't give a shit about either of them? Really?

Jackson pre-dated and possibly helped to invent pop-schlock. Farrah pre-dated Pam Anderson. But Farrah had the good sense to not fuck Tommie Lee. Or if she did, she had the good sense to not let it get filmed on a cheap-ass camcorder.

Does anyone really care about Thriller or Charlie's Angels anymore? No.

No one really gives a shit about these people other than the fact that some hack news rag told you to care about them.

These people were as worthless as the shit they sold as gold. If you ever liked anything they did you are sucking the life out of our society.

Go home and die.

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